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“Imagine the Benefits to Your Patients, Your Practice and Your Bank Account When You Start Offering TRULY EFFECTIVE TREATMENT for Peripheral Neuropathy”

It’s an unbelievable win-win for your patients and your practice,
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Dear Colleague:

“The results I have experienced with the NeuropathyDR® program have been incredible! I had looked at the other stuff out there but I’m very glad I became YOUR client! I’ve never seen anything like your marketing. It educates and draws in largely pre-qualified patients. And as you state, they are so grateful for help. BONUS: The income potential is even greater than I imagined! Thank You for all your help.”
-Matt Goda, Rancho Santa Margaritta, CA

How many times have you tried to help patients relieve the pain and debilitation of peripheral neuropathy, only to see your efforts end in failure?

How many patients have left your care still in pain, ready to tell all their friends that you couldn’t help them?

How many of these patients were having their family lives, careers or retirements threatened or ruined by the cruel effects of this condition?

How many different therapies have you learned or purchased in hopes of boosting results, only to find that their success rates were dismally low?

For me, the losing battle against neuropathy was the most depressing part of an otherwise wonderfully satisfying practice in suburban Boston. Despite the many conditions I could help alleviate, I had a constant, nagging feeling of failure to the neuropathy sufferers I most often couldn’t help.

Then it became personal…

Then a few years ago it became personal as I witnessed the deteriorating condition of my brother in law’s mother. A diabetic, she hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in years from the pain and side effects of the many medications she was using. She was rapidly losing sensation in her left foot, and with it the ability to walk.

Seeing what was happening to her and knowing that similar miseries were affecting so many others put me on a mission to learn everything I could about this terrible condition in the optimistic (perhaps, I admit, presumptuous) hope that I could make a contribution to bettering their lives.

I had heard about various kinds of devices which seemed to be showing some promise, but with uneven results. I also knew from my own training and experience that certain nutritional supplements and manual therapies delivered some relief to some patients.

But nothing was doing the job consistently. So if you’re tempted to say at this point “Oh yeah, I know about those machines; I’ll buy one for the office and crank it up,” you’ll be taking a step toward near-certain failure for your practice and your patients. The truth is a lot more complicated, but as you read on you’ll see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“We have been using the Peripheral Neuropathy protocol in our office for approximately six months, with successful results. Our patients have responded well, and have had reduced pain in as little as 1-2 visits. After the patient’s office therapies are completed, the patient can transition to a Rebuilder home unit for long term self management and lasting relief. I would highly recommend the NeuropathyDRTM program to other doctors.”
–Dr. Gary Blabey, Vienna, VA

Giving Patients Their Lives Back

Acting on little more than a hunch, I began to explore the possibility of a synergistic effect: was it possible that three partially effective therapies could be combined into something of value? Could the whole be greater than the sum of its parts?

Applying different combinations of therapies on many types of neuropathy patients over a period of two years, I ultimately arrived at a multi-element protocol that has shown remarkable success.

Astonishingly, we’ve seen levels of improvement that have to a great extent given many
patients their lives back:

  • greatly reduced pain
  • increased sensation in the extremities
  • diminished need for meds with unpleasant side effects
  • renewed ability to get around and enjoy life
  • enhanced ability to get a good night’s sleep

One of our patients had lost touch and vibration sensation in her hands and feet as a result of chemotherapy for cervical cancer. After only five weeks on the new protocol she was out of the wheelchair and walking with only a crutch.

“My first patient had burning pain in her feet every night and had to take heavy medications to sleep. She was on 3 different medications and her condition was worsening. She completed the protocols and the pain was reduced to a numbness she could handle, she was off one of the medications and was weaning off the others and went on to continue her treatments at home. My second patient is nearing the end of his clinical trial. He has had neuropathy for many years, but the pain on the bottom of his feet that “felt like sandpaper” has cleared and the numbness on top of his feet is starting to come and
go. It is exciting and hopeful seeing that the results Dr. Hayes has been getting with his patients are holding true for the people seeing me.”
–Dr. Ellen Blomerth, Peabody, MA

At this point I knew we had something special, something that needed to be shared. So I compiled our most powerful case studies into the book called “Beating Neuropathy-Taking Misery to Miracles in Just 5 Weeks” which hit best seller status at Outskirts Press!

But it soon became clear that both patients and clinicians needed more than a book:

  • patients needed professional care (and of course very careful guidance)
    to get the full benefits
  • professionals (chiropractors, pain management specialists, physical
    therapists and even MDs) needed detailed protocols and advice on
    integrating the new therapy into their practices, as well as proven tools
    to get appropriate patients in the door
  • both patients and professionals needed assistance in recognizing and
    accommodating individual variations in conditions and responses to

Thus was born NeuropathyDR®, the complete clinical, administrative and marketing system that is the subject of the package you received with this letter. NeuropathyDR gives professionals everything they need to attract the right patients, give them the help they need and, not incidentally, enhance the profitability of their practices significantly.

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It’s Way More Than Machines

If you’re wondering what I mean when I say it’s a complete system, the list of everything you’ll receive starts here (and goes on for quite a while so you might want to shut off the phone and sit yourself down in a comfortable chair):

The Neuropathy DR Treatment Protocol

The heart and soul of our program, this comprehensive written and illustrated clinical protocol includes recommendations on how to apply them to common and uncommon presenting situations. Based on wide clinical experience, this support material has been shown to dramatically influence outcomes, effectiveness and ease of deliverability.

“I have experienced wonderful success with the NeuropathyDR
program. Both patient results and backup training are exceptional. The marketing is very effective and is bringing in patients that I would not normally see in my office such as post chemotherapy and diabetic patients.”
–Dr. Ren Halverson
Brunswick, GA

Initial training for doctor and staff

How to set up the office – physically and administratively — for efficient delivery of care. The exact words and phrases that will help patients build the confidence to accept and comply with treatment recommendations.

Ongoing marketing support

You’ll receive a monthly newsletter and a live training webinar containing proven practice-building strategies with step-by-step guidelines for implementation. Ideas like:

  • How to tell the difference between motivated and non-motivated patients,
    and what to do and say to best serve each of them (and your practice).
  • The two critical reasons to have a specialty practice blog, and how
    unbelievably simple it is to do it.
  • Proven techniques for getting the best results for the lowest cost with
    Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google.
  • How to take advantage of the well-known problems in the newspaper
    industry to produce added profits in your practice.
  • How you can get and use valuable ‘face time’ with people who want to
    send you patients.
  • And more ready-to-use ideas, delivered to your email every month…


Approved by the FDA and Medicare, this electronic device sends a very unique waveform impulse to the feet and legs that can help stop the patient’s pain, tingling and numbness. We will help you select a model designed for heavy everyday use and arrange for it to be installed in your office.

Follow-on Care

Most patients require on-going at home care. Most of them will purchase a Clinical Co-Treatment Kit and ongoing supplies through your practice. Many will also need regular exercise, dietary and metabolic rehab as well as follow-up office visits for revision of their treatment plans or simply continued encouragement.

(I trust that by now you’ve recognized that NeuropathyDR is a lot more than simply buying and using devices. But wait, there’s more…lots more)

The Best Advertising in the Business

“Wow! My first Neuropathy Ad brought in 12 new patients… about $5,000 and only cost $700 to run. My practice is recovering and so is our cash-flow.”
–Julian Chipley, DC

Yes, there are 20 million people in this country suffering from peripheral neuropathy, but that doesn’t mean they’ll come running to your office automatically as soon as you sign up for NeuropathyDR. You have to reach out to them. Inform them. Persuade them. Assure them. Motivate them.

And you have to do all that without breaking the bank.

That’s why I’ve partnered with some of the best healthcare marketing professionals in the country. As a NeuropathyDR member you’ll have access to a wide variety of proven effective ad templates that you can simply drop your name and phone number into.

Run these ads in your market and get ready for a flood of new patients.

In addition to giving you hugely effective ads, I share with my members some “Million
Dollar Advertising Secrets” like:

  • The three words that define what successful advertising must have, and
    why most ads don’t have it.
  • Why most ads are created by the two people who are least qualified
    to make ads that actually work. (Hint: you can see one of them in your
  • The difference between the slick, ultra-expensive ads you see on TV and
    the ads that will actually work for you.
  • How you can advertise to attract the most patients, and why you
    shouldn’t do it.
  • How to buy the right media at the best price.
  • Tons of Effective Marketing Materials (to attract self-referring patients
    AND professional referrals)
  • Compelling content for your web site
  • Social media strategies and content
  • Weekly ezine to send to patients and potential referral sources

“I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the
NeuropathyDR program. It works very, very well. I have one patient that has been coming to me for 23 years and I didn’t expect him to benefit from it, since he always says that nothing works (even though he keeps coming back) yet he did get relief from the neuropathy treatments. Patients seem to love it and are getting amazing results. Most see a difference after 6 or so visits. I even have other local docs finding me online and asking about it. I tell them you need Dr. Hayes program to do it right. It works.”
–Dr. Nick Brown, Albany, OR

  • Introductory letter to physicians
  • Health Risk Assessment form
  • Screening templates
  • NEW!! All Memberships include Done-For-You Custom Websites and a complete Social Media Packages including linking and regularly posting to all your accounts!

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Direct Referrals From and Mobile Apps!

When Peripheral Neuropathy sufferers all over the country go to the Internet or a mobile device to search for sources of relief, thousands of them are drawn to our web site — and mobile app — by our aggressive search engine optimization and extensive online advertising. When these site visitors learn about our protocol and read the comments from satisfied patients, they want to know where they can get this treatment for themselves.

As a NeuropathyDR member practitioner, your full practice contact information (name, address, phone, email, web site) will be shown to all site visitors who click on your geographic area. Plus, if you choose the Commodore level of membership, we won’t accept any competitors within miles of your location. This exclusivity feature is subject to prior subscription so you’ll want to act now to make sure you don’t get locked out and have to watch from the sidelines as one of your competitors sucks up the business in your

Done For You Clinic Setup

Sample forms you’ll need for comprehensive record-keeping, ready for customization with your practice information. Including:

  • Standalone Clinical Income and Expense spreadsheet
  • Screening Forms
  • Clinical Trial Forms
  • Chart Case History samples
  • Temperature Gradient testing forms

Plus instructional videos for your staff and a sample physical office layout.

Detailed Instruction for Metabolic Rehab

For doctors and PTs who may not use metabolic therapy all the time, my program includes step-by-step instructions for simplifying and implementing this important aspect of the overall treatment. You’ll learn exactly how to help:

  • Control the patient’s blood sugar and body mass index

“I am so excited! I have been treating a 43 y/o female for
10 sessions with traditional therapies. She was not getting the relief I was hoping
for, so I decided to try the NeuropathyDR System on her. She has had only 2 15 minute sessions and she can sit down. Before the pain was unbearable, even light touch was unbearable. Now she can sit and I can continue to work on her.”
-Diana Singer PT
Paramus, NJ

  • Provide an anti-inflammatory cellular environment to foster the body’s
    production of glutathione
  • Administer specific molecules and dietary supplements that help to
    enhance neuronal function, even in seriously ill patients.

Tools to Build Clinical Mastery

Documents, audios and videos (all accessible to members online) to help you and your staff deliver the best possible care, including instruction on:

  • Working with primary care physicians
  • Use of conductive garments in key situations
  • Adding a Certified Health Coach and Metabolic Syndrome program to
    your practice
  • Using topicals and hypersensitivity – which case types and why

Monthly “Reinforcement” Teleseminars

“The NeuropathyDR system works great and is improving all the time. The referrals I have gotten from have paid for my tuition and more!
The support I get from the whole organization is unparallelled.”

-Joe McLaughlin DC,
Charlotte, NC

You and your staff can sharpen your clinical, administrative and marketing skills by taking part in the hour-long teleseminars we offer members every month. Recent topics have included:

  • Wealth creation
  • Avoiding pitfalls
  • The NeuropathyDR Clinical Trial
  • Rewarding the staff
  • Inspirational lessons from top Neuropathy doctors

Joining me as presenters and resources for this wealth of NeuropathyDR support materials are some of the most renowned experts in the field.

You Could Do It All Yourself, but…

“The NeuropathyDR program
gives the clinic a system for
predictability in achieving
successful outcomes for
patients who thus far have
had no real solution to their
health problems.”

-Jill Howe, DC,
Chrystal Lake, IL

If you wanted to find all this expertise, assemble all these resources and figure out on your own how to treat peripheral neuropathy and attract these patients, it would cost you many tens of thousands of dollars and take years to accomplish.

Talk about reinventing the wheel!

Fortunately for you, I’ve already spent the money and put in the time, and the results – a proven clinical and marketing system that will boost your professional satisfaction and profits immeasurably – are available to you on a silver platter just for signing up as a NeuropathyDR member.

Your results of course may vary.

This system isn’t for everybody.

You need to be open to new ideas and be driven by a desire to improve the lives of your patients and the livelihood of your family. And you need the flexibility to adapt to a growing practice, because many of the estimated 20 million people seeking relief from peripheral neuropathy are living in your community and will respond eagerly when you start to tell them about the results you can achieve.

“With the ad I had 21 NPs and
many of them have since referred
other patients to us. The ROI thus
far exceeds 20-1, and the tab is
still running.
The difference in my
opinion is his copywriting skill…
If I had his program 10 years ago,
you wouldn’t be reading this, and
I’d be fishing off my tropical island

–Dr. Ren Halverson
Brunswick, GA

OK, you’ve read this far patiently but now you want to know what it’s going to cost to become THE provider in your community who can offer real hope to people suffering from PN.

The most important answer is:

It Costs A Whole Lot Less Than It’s Worth

Before you call that a totally brash statement, let’s review everything you’ll be getting, and think about what you might fairly expect to pay for each product or service (what each item is really worth):

  • Complete Treatment Protocol – $50,000 or two years of your life
  • Upfront Launch Training – $8500
  • Monthly “Breakthrough Session” webinar CD and newsletter – $3588/yr
  • Staff Help Desk – $1799
  • Ready-to-use ad templates (print, radio and TV) and Million Dollar
    Advertising Secrets — $5,000 (but you’ll have to get this from some other
    source because NeuropathyDR ad materials are only available to my
  • Additional Marketing Materials – $15,000
  • Clinic Setup Plans and Materials – $9500
  • Metabolic Rehab and Other Clinical Mastery Tools – $3,500
  • Monthly ND Training Teleseminars – Priceless

Put your calculator away. It adds up to $96,887 plus. All fair prices, but still a lot of money. HOWEVER:

“I can absolutely report that
everything that Dr. Hayes stated
would happen when you integrate
this program has happened!!!
-Cash payments for device after 1
-Family members calling to pay
for co-pays for NeuropathyDR
Treatments after two uses.
-Family emailing with thanks
following the first use.
-Another patient who had loss
of sensation on his contralateral
leg for 7 yrs obtained increased
sensation after one treatment.
-Four patients who were told there
was no other option have avoided
fusion surgeries.

-Jeremiah Jorgensen, PT
Lincoln NE

That’s an estimate for what it would cost if you could buy all these things separately, but of course you can’t. They’re only available as a package when you sign up to join NeuropathyDR.

Your actual cost to become the Go-to Guy or Gal for Peripheral Neuropathy in your community is way less than $96,887 (as you’ll see when you get to the Order Form).

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Is It Worth It?

That Depends on What You Get Out of It.

Experts in marketing and business use a simple concept in deciding whether or not to spend money. It’s called Return on Investment, or simply ROI, and here are some guidelines to help you determine the ROI if you choose to join NeuropathyDR.

This is the kind of information you didn’t get in school (unless you took an MBA along with your clinical training), but it’s essential in helping you keep your practice on the kind of solid financial footing that will produce the kind of lifestyle you imagined back when you were hitting the books.

First, calculate the Lifetime Value of each new patient who comes to your practice for help with PN. Include office visit and treatment fees even just for the five-week clinical trial period, equipment and supply purchases and follow-up care.


Next, think about the scope of the problem in your community and estimate the number of new patients you would expect to gain by using the powerful advertising and marketing tools included in the program. Add a healthy percentage for additional new patients who are referred to you by the people you help.

Then do the simple but compelling math:

Multiply the Lifetime Value times the Number of New Patients and the result is the Financial Benefit To You

I can tell you that in my practice it’s worked out to be a total win-win. I’m helping desperate patients get relief from years of pain and disability and making an excellent return on my investment (the tens of thousands of dollars and years of research I mentioned earlier in this letter).

Your investment will be much smaller than mine and your ramp-up vastly quicker, but still you have to ask…

“I have had so many new patient prospects (up to 94, with 82 becoming paying patients) from SINGLE insertions of your ads, I am blown away. My practice numbers and patient results put my practice on an incredible track, generating more revenue in one month than many practices generate in 4-6 Months! By the way, our practice is in the most economically devastated county in the USA.
*My advice to you? Just follow the marketing and treatment plans, just as Dr. Hayes says…”
–Dr. Richard Merritt
Lakeland, Fl

Will it work as well for you as it has for me?

There’s no question the demand for effective treatment of peripheral neuropathy is there, while in most communities the supply of trained, dedicated practitioners is not. So elementary economics tells you that the sooner you jump in – ideally before any of your local competitors – the better your chance of staking out a leadership position and reaping the benefits.

To help you make what I honestly believe is the right decision and get started with NeuropathyDR right away, I’ve put together a bunch of valuable bonuses (I suppose you could call them bribes) that professionals who sign up within eight days of the postmark on this package will receive absolutely FREE:

The ND Specialty Practice: 5 CDs and 5 DVDs

Value $497

Learn the changes you can – and must – make NOW if you want your practice and your income to grow no matter what happens in our crazy economy. You’ll hear and see tactics proven to flood practices with ideal patients – from experts who’ve been through it all. Don’t let your years of study and work go down the drain while you passively wait it out. If you’re ready to take control of your future, this collection is your essential guide.

Staffing Support Solutions Manual

Value $397

Everything you and your staff need to know and do to create a smoothly running office where everyone is pulling in the same direction – toward great care, financial success and career fulfillment. Compiled from my 25 years in practice, this manual and CD collection includes documents, policies, procedures, forms, checklists, routing slips, and more, all arranged by topic for easy selection. Use them ‘as is’ or customize to your needs. Either way, it’s an essential tool for streamlining your office.

Impeccable Systems 12 CD/DVD Bundle

Value $597

You know the classic definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting the result to change. Well, the trauma in our economy isn’t anywhere near over and practitioners who keep doing what they did in the last decade could be out of business before this one gets much older. You’ll find dozens of the newest tactics with proven practice-building success in today’s environment on these must-have discs: my behind-the-scenes secrets to practice expansion, the essentials of powerful marketing including the exact steps in the exact order you should use them, the little-known secrets that have saved uncounted professionals from financial ruin.

That’s $1491 worth of practice-enhancing information – yours absolutely FREE, but only if you send in your NeuropathyDR application within eight days of the postmark on this package.

If you love taking care of sick patients as much as I do — having the ability to make them smile again after years of misery — then you’ll be blown away with the clinical and economic results of the NeuropathyDR protocol.

I look forward to welcoming you into the growing family of NeuropathyDR professionals, professionals who have chosen to do well by doing good. Your patients will thank you and so will your family.

I’m sure you’ll have profoundly rewarding experiences like I had with my relative who was nearly disabled by PN: she’s been getting around and enjoying life like a new person for four years since starting treatment.

John Hayes, Jr., DC, MS, DABCO

John Hayes, Jr., DC, MS, DABCO

P.S. With the aging of the population, incidence of Peripheral Neuropathy related to
diabetes and chemotherapy is almost certain to increase, so demand for the care you will be offering will not fade away any time soon.

P.P.S. Our protocol combining therapies has been shown to be significantly more effective than any single treatment.

P.P.P.S. You’ll be armed not only with the best clinical solution but also the best marketing in the industry, bringing patients to your door in droves.

P.P.P.P.S You’ll see on the enclosed Chart of Options that we offer three levels of membership to give you a range of choices. The higher levels give you greater personal access to me and the ability to lock out local competition, but all levels give you the tools to build your practice through effective treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy and the industry’s best marketing.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Fill out the enclosed Order Form right now to take advantage of the $1491 worth of special bonuses that expire soon – and to be sure of getting a leg up on other practitioners in your community.

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