20,000,000 plus patients…

Patients and their professionals contact us all the time who have simply purchased other devices or systems and NEVER arrow curved 2 right 20,000,000 plus patients...achieved nearly the results of our combined treatment protocols.

The Sheer Numbers of Prospective Patients  DEMANDING our licensed professionals who can guide them (they contact us from around the world every day!) speak for themselves.

You can see these at NeuropathyDR.com

Patient satisfaction and referrals are enormous, and PROFESSIONAL REFERRALS FROM MANY SPECIALISTS OCCUR IN OUR CLINICS!

We Firmly believe that this is the most powerful, cost effective system to treat these debilitated patients and greatly expand your private practice.

Our integrated care tools and systems incorporate excellence in traditional care with rapid pain control (NDGen Systems) with extensive metabolic rehabilitation encourages ultimate patient satisfaction retaining YOU as their expert.

Powerful tested NeuropathyDR Treatment Systems are based upon the work of Dr. John Hayes Jr. the author of  “Living & Practicing By Design”, “Beating Neuropathy” and “I Beat Neuropathy!” These resources plus a vast web and social media network educates thousands of prospective patients for our clinicians.

Dr. Hayes has taken powerful systems and tools but most especially his own clinically tested protocols and licensed treatment systems drastically influencing outcomes, clinical effectiveness and ease of deliverability in this style practice!

Extensive community and patient education components and materials all customized for your office, as well as STAFF TRAINING and SUPPORT are all included with all Memberships!

We receive requests from around the world constantly from patients looking for our trained professionals to help them and their loved one deal with these devastating illnesses for which traditional care provides inadequate or frankly poor outcomes.

Patient demand far exceeds our trained doctors and physical therapists. Many more qualified professionals are needed!

Do this right, and it is one of the most gratifying things you will ever do as a physician or therapist!